The Hamsza Restaurant is not only the first kosher restaurant in Debrecen, but also the only kosher restaurant outside Budapest. With a modern and clean interior and an exciting fine dining concept, the Middle Eastern dishes are guaranteed to sweep you off your feet! 

The artistic concept behind the dishes is the brainchild of Hamsa's chef Ahron Faigen. Ahron studied at the most prestigious culinary school in Israel, Tadmor, and worked alongside some of the country's most famous celebrity chefs. He later opened his own restaurant and moved to Dubai, where he cooked for billionaire businessmen as a private chef. After the birth of his daughter, he returned to Israel and from there he and his family came to Debrecen to open Hamsza restaurant. Chef Ahron is a true artist who aims to bring a modern Middle Eastern cuisine to those who are interested in unique flavours.

The desire for originality and innovation runs through all the dishes. Traditional dishes are presented on plates with an exciting twist, not only in flavour but also in presentation.

 Hamsza has become a very important spot of Debrecen's gastronomic culture, which is open not only to kosher guests, but also offers a great experience for the local population, tourists and people working in the area who are sensitive to culinary specialities. There are also many pilgrimage sites near Debrecen and, as a university town, Debrecen is visited by many Israeli students and tourists, for whom we provide the food prepared with the appropriate process. 

Visit us and let the unique taste of Hamsza enchant you!

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